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Casa Dolar - Holiday House Andalusia
Granada is the capital of the province and as such there is plenty to see.  Visit the Alhambra, the colourful street markets, art museums, the bull fighting ring... the list is endless.

The snow-capped Sierra Nevada is the contrasting backdrop of the Alhambra.  Guided 4x4 tours are available to explore the Natural Park and also offer walks around the botanical gardens. We recommend buying the Alhambra tickets well in advance since they sell out daily.

Almería is east from Dólar, a coastal city about 45min by car with sandy beaches and clear waters.  Numerous unspoilt white washed little towns can be found along the coast, most of them with restaurants serving local produce.

Granada market
Granada market Granada Bullfighting Plaza
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Guadix is situated approximately 15 kilometres from Dólar. See what is nearby...
Dólar is situated approximately 90 kilometres from Granada. See Dólar...

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